Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Listen for Free.

Set in a fictional world in the present, citizens live under the almighty power of the Word Commission - an entity that regulates the amount of words that each citizen can use.To measure this use, a WordMeter is implanted on each person’s neck. Tom Brennan is a young-ish employee at the Word Commission, happily married and complacently trudging along in his desk job without any trace of ambition to advance his career. He handles the appeals from individuals who claim that their WordMeters are malfunctioning. A string of bizarre clients leads him to the one case that would change his life forever. Listen for free at

Monday, November 3, 2008

Jake and the Three Jamokies

Set up by Brooklyn Mobster Don Carravetti, Jake Fabiano spent five years in Attica State Prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Upon release from Attica, Jake goes to Brooklyn to pick up some cash stashed for him by his ex-girlfriend, the Don’s lovely daughter. Cash in hand, Jake heads for Hollywood but finds it’s not far enough to escape the Don’s hitmen - the three jamokies. Listen for free at

The Fat Cowboy

Listen for Free

He rides out of Texas, fueled by capitalism and testosterone, to corner the market on the most expensive fur in the universe. He's the Fat Cowboy, an archetype of the single-minded Alpha male. Ride with him as he leads his gang of misfits and a 6’2” gorgeous PhD south of the equator to round up the little critters. Fight alongside him against psychedelic cannibals, cross-dressing Marxist rebels and corporate mercenaries led by a renegade Massad agent. Live the dream (or nightmare, depending on your point of view) with the Fat Cowboy and let him take you to the edge. Listen for free at

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Venus de Milo Murders

Listen for Free.

One morning Billionaire Jack Danner looked out at his Priceless sculpture garden and saw the dead body of a beautiful woman, cut up to look like the famous Venus de Milo statue. He couldn’t believe that the infamous killer had returned after a ten year hiatus. He immediately called Tommy Fallon, the retired detective in charge of the original case, and offered him two million dollars to find out who put the body there. It was an offer Tommy couldn’t refuse. The detective had spent four years of his life chasing the Venus de Milo serial killer only to lose his career, marriage, self-confidence and faith in law enforcement. Listen for Free at